boomerang stories

Edward Gorey
A Dull Afternoon

fly / float

Hopi Indian - Rabbit Hunter
Armed American boomerang

Lassie White, Lassie Ochre
and Lassie Brown.

Northrop YB-49

Sometimes we deliver
flying objects personally.
Just sometimes.

The Swallow
Museum Macura
ph: Nemanja Knežević

The Skully Friend.
Linocut base

Note 041 - Total wight

Note 006 - Box interior

Note 021 - Sending steps

The Swallow
Tempelhof Airport,
Berlin, Germany

Lassie with lake plants
Summer, 2017.
Mali Beograd

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Sunday, July 28, 2019
42 years until Halley's comet
next return!

Our first handmade "returner".
Lost, chewed, retrieved, repaired, precious.